One of the largest rehabilitation center for birds. The center is composed of huge variety of birds. It is a place for birds especially the injured ones to rest and recover itself. When we visited the Raptor Center they let us see the wounded raptors and how they nurse them back to health, though the raptors can’t see us. After nursing the raptors back to health they will release it back to the wild. We really enjoyed our visit to Alaska Raptor Center, we even bought souvenirs for remembrance.

– Dawson

A very informative trip! Glad that we went to this place, it’s worth a visit. We saw eagles, owls, falcons and other species of birds that I just came to know during that trip. Fee costs $12 per head, which I think is a reasonable price because it goes toward a good cause for the birds. It’s also a rehab center wherein they take care of sick or injured animals. I really enjoyed being up-close to these creatures, especially the owls. I see them as mysterious but at the same time, it has a calming effect on me every time I look at them. It seems like they are always at peace. The place has trails all around so there’s no chance that you’ll get lost. The staff were also friendly and very knowledgeable. They were also accommodating as they tried to answer all of our questions. I definitely recommend this place when visiting Sitka. Had a rapturous experience with the raptors!

– Nina