Being in the Sealife Center is very fun and a unique experience because you got to see, touch and learn about aquatic animals. They have interactive activities that you will enjoy like the overhead and underwater viewing of sea animals. In the underwater viewing you will learn how the seal, dolphins, and other aquatic animals behave in their environment. They also have this presentation where the sea lions are the main performers. There are shops were visitors can buy accessories and souvenirs. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy and learn about aquatic animals at the same time, this is definitely an option.

– Patrick

A very educational trip! This place is not that big, but really gave us a lot of good information. It is also a handicap-friendly place as there are elevators available and chairs near the viewing windows. There are different areas such as bird area, salmon area, harbor seals and stellar sea lions. They also have good exhibits and a spacious gift shop. Also, we had a wonderful time watching the sea lions in the underwater viewing room. This place Is a must see if you’re around the Seward area.

– Asher