“Superb Experience” My entire family tried this place last Saturday and we really enjoyed it.
The place is large, clean and very well decorated.
Service was top notch.
Staff is very friendly and nice.
The food was exceptional.
Lots of food choices especially for seafood, awesome beer and wine selection.
Servings are huge so don’t go overboard on your order.
We ordered the calamari appetizer and the halibut dinner and it was really delicious.
Kids enjoyed their homemade root beer and wood fired pizza.
Beer was excellent.
We also tried their rotisserie chicken and it’s very delectable.
The Creme Brulee with Alaska Berries was the perfect end to our meal.
Prices are very reasonable.
We would certainly go back to this place and would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

–  Tessa

We had salads, appetizer, ribs, pizza and pasta on our table. Everything we had was so tasty. Prices were reasonable. It’s worth a try. Lots of food choices and i loved everything,

– Kayleigh