“A place to remember” Staying at the hotel for business trip is so much enjoyable. It was a lovely and luxurious hotel. Great atmosphere. I got a room facing the mountain, I have seen an amazing views, enjoyed watching the cable car and people who were hiking. The rooms are huge and very clean. Room amenities includes free wireless internet and cables to keep me stay connected. There are many dining options such as Seven Glaciers, Sitzmark Bar & Grill and Girdwood Dining. I chose Seven Glaciers for my dining experience because the setting is surrounded by nature and food was served good and delicious. They offer many facilities such as fitness center, sauna and massage, it was really relaxing and reviving experience. Staff have good customer service. Great stay and perhaps this is the best.

– Adrian

“The Family’s Favorite” I heard so much nice reviews about this hotel in Girdwood. Since the whole family love skiing, my husband already made a reservation for a week this coming winter. We heard that the scenery are beautiful especially in winter season.Not so expensive yet the service and food are great. We are looking forward and excited to experience all of this ,this winter.

– Lucy