My girlfriend and I went to The Hotel Captain Cook to celebrate my 24th Birthday. We had a very great time in the hotel. It has a great view from the window and rooftop especially at night. The bedroom is great for relaxing, the bed is soft and very comfortable. The restroom of course is very clean and well maintained. The service is excellent, they provided us with complete assistance and service. The hotel also has restaurant for eating. The Hotel Captain Cook made my birthday very special. we are surely going to be back again.

– Nicholas

A very exquisite hotel! I can say that most probably (since I haven’t been to all hotels in Anchorage), this hotel is the best in Anchorage. At first, upon seeing the building, I was like, “okay, looks like nothing fancy about here, just like an ordinary hotel”, but to my surprise, this hotel have exceeded far beyond my expectations. The place is clean, the staff are accommodating and their service is great. What I really like here is that this hotel has an athletic facility. This is a plus for me because I’m into sports/fitness. Also, the hotel guests’ kids can also use the athletic club facility and pool. My son enjoyed swimming in their pool. Moreover, they have a good Wi-Fi connection, their rooms are spacious and beds are comfy.

– Katherine